Chris Jaxon

Fond of music of every kind, Chris Jaxon has been asked to play in bands and gigs of almost every genre, including rock, metal, jazz, blues, funk, Latin, gospel, electronic, progressive, country, and many more. Chris entered music as a drummer when he was about nine years old. Since then, he has learned guitar, piano, ukulele, various percussion instruments, tuba, bass guitar, and upright bass. He recently graduated from University of Southern California as a Popular Music Performance major with an emphasis in bass guitar, one of four bassists to get accepted each year.

Now, Chris is focusing on his own creative path. He is establishing himself as a (primarily) pop and hip-hop songwriter and producer and is working with as many people as possible. He is also currently in the metal band That Comes Later. As far as his career as a solo artist, Chris blends all of his prior experiences as a sideman or band member and makes his own sound. His influences range from Radiohead to Lil Yachty, but his music is most easily described as a mix of hip-hop and indie. Chris has just released a new EP, “23” on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Babie Shannon

Babie Shannon is a rapper from South Los Angeles with a lot to say. He was born into the Pueblo Bishops Bloods and was gang banging before he was a teenager. He has had a rough life, from being shot several times, losing his father, and going to prison. He confronts his demons with his music, and channels his struggles into each verse he delivers. Shannon has recently teamed up with artist and producer Chris Jaxon, and they are currently working on a mixtape that will combine their two sounds.

Glitter Trails

Los Angeles-based Kerri Stewart is Glitter Trails, a controlled experiment in iridescent, pop-tinged “dream rock”. The self-titled EP floats in the golden hour – awash with sun-painted melodies, gossamer synths, and radiant, tightly intertwined guitars. Against the polished production her uniquely raw vocal cuts clear and compelling. Thoughtful, and rich with intimate imagery, the EP is a twilight confession; dark, but ultimately hopeful.